How Can Life Insurance that Costs So Little Be Worth So Much?

Some people are astounded that they can save money on life insurance policy that provides a benefit of $500,000, one million dollars, or more, yet costs about the same per day as the price of a cup of coffee. In fact, some people are so surprised that they are skeptical. They think it is “too good to be true” and maybe a scam.

But the fact is, it is easy to save on term life insurance policy providing excellent coverage from any one of a number of industry-leading companies for lower rates than you ever imagined. How can this be? The answer: It is not only a smart idea and an excellent value, it is also very profitable for the insurance companies. Even though they are promising (and delivering) a million-dollar benefit and charging the policyholder just a couple bucks a day, most insurance companies still make a handsome profit on the term life policies they offer.

That is because most people outlive the term of their policy. If you buy a 30-year term life insurance policy and are still alive when the 30 years are up, the insurance company keeps all the money you paid in premiums over those 30 years. And most people do outlive their term. It’s really good news for everyone: The insurance company makes money. But, even more important, you have lived (and hopefully thrived) for 30 years since you bought your policy!

So does that make term life insurance a bad investment? Definitely not! First, life insurance of any type should not be viewed as an investment. Even a so-called “whole life” policy, which covers you your whole life (as long as you keep paying your premiums) and, in many cases, accumulates cash value, is not an investment. The purpose of life insurance is protection, not profit. The peace of mind you gain from knowing that your dependents are protected if you die is priceless.

First, however, you have to find the right policy, the one that offers the right coverage at the right price. The only way to do that is comparison-shopping. And until very recently, the only way to do that was a real pain. It required going from insurance company to company, agent to agent, or broker to broker, filling out form after form. It was a time-consuming hassle!

Now, things are different. You can comparison-shop all the leading insurers all in one place, all with one short, simple form, and all in just seconds. And get this: It costs absolutely zero! No cost, no obligation. Advanced software technology has made it possible to automatically collect quotes, based on the most essential information, from the entire insurance industry, virtually instantly. Pretty amazing.

Here’s how it works: Go online to an unbiased, 100% free comparison-shopping site such as Answer a few short, basic questions. Then click. In just a few seconds, you see all your quotes, all at one time. It couldn’t be faster, easier, or more convenient to find life insurance that costs remarkably little but, from the standpoint of protecting your family, is worth so much!